The little girl stood quietly, tears running down her cheeks. It was 1985. CHC had just been founded and Chicago was its training ground. Engaging in our second project, a commercial fire restoration, our team was focused on building a reputation for quality construction. The crying girl had her own priorities. When the neighboring building caught fire, her kitten fled the chaos. 

She was seen near the construction site day after day, eventually catching the attention of one of our workers. As his teammates focused on the structural integrity of the charred building, he began a search not just for a kitten, but unknowingly for the foundation of CHC’s still standing core values. High and low they searched until suddenly the girl pointed up at her petrified kitten clinging to the branch of a tree.

This worker reported two hours less work than the rest of his team that day. He thought that the time he spent, reuniting a little girl and her kitten, was not part of his CHC duties. From our prospective his actions embodied CHC’s  aspiration for the last 30 years:
 Investing in compassion and acts of service
over everything else!



  • CMAA
  • NY/NJ Supplier
  • MBE
  • Federal Certification
  • Empire Construction Alliance


  • 2016 BLACK ENTERPRISE MAGAZINE – Top 100 Minority Businesses – Annual revenue in excess of $100 million
  • 2011 CENTRAL NEW YORK BUSINESS JOURNAL – One of top ten construction firms in Central NY
  • 2019 Featured CEO-




We strive to provide quality industry product, communicate effectively with our clients regarding THEIR needs, while supporting the communities where our employees live, work and play.